Mac Boats

Mac Boats are rotationally moulded from polyethylene thermoplastic. They are constructed using a patented “Gyro-Tech” process that forms double skin, pontoon boats with extraordinary qualities. The boats are virtually indestructible, almost unsinkable, and maintenance-free and have around five times the impact strength of fibreglass.

Polyethylene offers significant advantages as a material for marine applications. It is “positively buoyant”, impervious to osmosis and corrosion, it is recyclable and environmentally friendly, it provides a hull with unique quiet and soft riding characteristics, and because UV stabilizers are added, won’t age through weather extremes. In the unlikely event that a polyethylene hull sustains damage, repairs can be quickly and easily made.

Thousands of Mac Boats have been sold in New Zealand. They are also exported to many countries both for the recreational and commercial markets. Our boats are particularly popular in harsh operating conditions where a tough, low-to-no maintenance boat is required to perform under extreme conditions. This makes them ideal not only for the leisure boating enthusiast, but also for workboat, resort and hire/rental applications. Their exceptional pontoon stability and ease of exit and re-entry make them a first choice with safety boat operators, divers and fishermen. 

Existing partnerships have also been extended as Mac Boats has worked with Glacier Explorers Boat Cruises, based at Mt Cook, to produce a new Mac 570 to carry up to 16 people to increase their tourist business. Mt Cook is a real test of the performance of a Mac Boat due to the harsh operating conditions where a tough, low maintenance vessel is required to perform under extreme conditions on the Tasman Glacier.

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