Apply for Finance Pre-Approval:

See something you like but want pre-approval before entering negotiation? Click on the YMF logo above, and you will be directed to the Yamaha Motor Finance Online Loan Application to get your pre-approval sorted.

Fill in all the details possible, and follow the below instructions, and once your form is submitted, your application will be processed by Yamaha Marine Finance for pre-approval.

Just follow the below instructions for Pre-Approval:

- Enter all details in the form as normal, but when you get to “Asset to be Financed” section follow the below instructions

- “Manufacturer” - specify “Pre-Approval”

- Leave Model & Year Blank

- “Purchase Price” – Put in the value you would like to pre-approve your finance for.

- “Deposit/Trade in Value” – Enter any amount you wish to use as a deposit. If you have negotiated a trade in with us, enter that amount here.

- Then chose your desired term & frequency.

It should only take 10 minutes or less to complete.

If you are unsure on how to answer any of the questions, please contact Russell at or call 07 345 9854.

You will need:

- Current New Zealand full or restricted Driver's Licence

- Current employer details and previous employer details (if you've changed jobs in the last 3 years)

- Details of your income, expenses, assets & liabilities such as other loans or credit cards

Please ensure the following applies to your application:

- You are 18 years or older

- You are a New Zealand resident or have a New Zealand working visa

- The minimum amount to be financed is $5,000

*Your application is subject to YMF's credit approval process. Lending criteria apply.