We can sell your boat for you

Selling can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Dealing with tyre kickers and low ballers can be irritating and exhausting, so let our expert sales team take care of the process for you.

We offer a “Sell on Behalf” service, where we take care of all the major aspects of a sale, but you still get to call the shots.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the 6 steps in our sales process below and call us to see how we can help.

1) Prepare the boat for sale

Having a tidy vessel makes a huge difference when selling. Much like a house sale, buyers need to be able to visualize the boat as if it were their own. The following steps will help with this:

- Clean the interior thoroughly, clean and polish the hull and make sure the deck is clean.
- Remove any clutter, present the boat as tidy as possible.
- Check your electronics are all working as they should.
- Check all your fittings open and close easily.
- Treat any rust.
- If possible, have the motor freshly serviced prior to selling.

Our workshop can help assist you with servicing, repairs, and valet by request. Some customers request to settle the invoices for these services in the final settlement.

2) Set an asking price

Our sales team will take a good look at your vessel and go out on a lake test with you (where applicable) to get to know your boat. We may also take photos of it out on the water while we are there. Then, once we know your boat and the condition it’s in, we can give advice on a market price before it is agreed with you.

3) Authority to Sell

Once we have appraised the boat, settled on an asking price and you are happy to list with us, we will draw up an ‘Authority to Sell’ contract.

4) Pre-Inspection

There’s nothing worse than having a buyer lined up, taking them out on a lake test, and the boat has issues. It has the potential to scare away the purchaser or creates an opportunity to lower the offer. That is why we perform the pre-sale inspection at this point in the process.

Our workshop is fully equipped to give a thorough, honest, and un-biased inspection of the boat giving you and potential purchasers peace of mind, knowing exactly where the boat is mechanically so you can go confidently to market.

5) Marketing

Once everything has been signed off by you, we take photos and list it on the following marketing platforms:

- Trademe, Telfer Marine and Boating & Outdoors websites.
- Facebook & Instagram Social Media platforms.
- Display on our yard on busy Te Ngae Road.
- New listings feature in our Monthly Newsletter

Our sales team work around the clock to take expressions of interest and answer all the questions any potential buyers might have.

6) We have found a buyer

Once we have a buyer and a price has been negotiated, we will take care of the sales process for you. We are members of the New Zealand Marine Industry Association, and we follow their sales guidelines below:

- When an offer has been accepted, we draw up a Sales and Purchase Agreement. Once signed, we will take a deposit for the boat and begin to work through any conditions the purchaser may have made.

- The purchaser will have the opportunity to Lake Test the boat. We will facilitate this for you.

- If any issues come up with the boat on the lake test, the purchaser will have the opportunity to request the problem be rectified, re-negotiate their purchase price to compensate, or cancel the agreement and their deposit returned. Remember we have already run a pre-sales inspection and been on a lake test with you at this point which in most cases will have ruled out any nasty surprises.

- Once the purchaser accepts the boat, the deal moves to “accepted” and the deposit becomes part of the purchase price.

- Once the sale is complete, we will provide a complete breakdown of costs & commission and the agreed figure will be paid to you. This is payable when the boat has transferred to the new owner.

We are here to help

Contact us to talk about selling your boat by calling 07 345 9854 or fill in the contact form below.